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Mongol Tech is Mongolian independent news and entertainment agency.

Our website posted its first content in February 2019. Since then we’re learning, growing and posting about Mongolia.


We aim to be one of the the biggest and most reliable Mongolian news source for the world.

There are almost 200 countries and almost 8 billion people in the world. Mongolia is one of those countries. Even though its’ population is relatively small, at 3 million, it’s territory is 17th in the world and it has rich history, culture and many things to offer to this world in addition to mineral resources.

As there are very few systematic and reliable information sources on current Mongolian society, we consider developing this news site is beneficial for both Mongolian people and people of other nations who are interested in Mongolia. Even though it’s population is just around 3 million, Mongolian society is very vibrant and fast paced; and it’s one of those countries who is advancing from socialist system to democratic market system, through its ups and downs and experiments. It has many stories to share to the world; many of them are positive and upbeat, while some of them are sad and dark. All of those stories make up one big image of the current, modern Mongolia.

With this thinking we strive to become a digital bridge and portal between Mongolian society and other societies of the world.

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