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Hotels in Ulaanbaatar

Admin | Published: 2019-12-21

As some of you guys might be thinking about travelling to Mongolia someday, here I’ve compiled some hotel information for you, just in case. Regarding hotels, there are many options in Ulaanbaatar depending on your budget and preference. Here are some of the popular ones.

Ulaanbaatar hotel

This is one of the oldest international hotel in Mongolia. It was established in 1959. It situates 15 km from Chinggis Khaan airport; 0.5 km from central Sukhbaatar square. Room price is: $50 for single room, $60 for twin bed room ($80 for two people in twin bed room). For suite it is: $150 USD. For presidential suite: $650 USD.

Currently they have winter sale: If you stay longer you’ll have 30% to 50% discount.

Phone: (+976)-7011-6688 | (976) 9909 8723 | ( 976 )8808 2251

Email: |

Facebook page | |

Bayangol Hotel

It is one of the big hotels built during Soviet era in 1964. It has four star status. 360 beds in 211 rooms. Guests can dine in 5 restaurants it has. Its restaurants are specialized in Mongolian, Asian, European, Vietnam and Singaporean cuisines. It’s located right on the right side of main street to Sukhbaatar square. Just a short walking distance from city center and government building. Many Hollywood stars stayed in this hotel, including: Richard Gere, Jackie Chan, Mr.James Bond (Daniel Craig), Austrian Princess and Princes.

Price ranges from: $75 USD to $280 USD.

Reservation phone: (+976)-11-328869 | (+976) -11-312255

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Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace

I haven’t had a need to stay in this hotel. But people say it’s a good hotel.

Price ranges from: $168 USD to $1150 USD per night.

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Phone: (+976) – 9905-2015 | (+976) -9905 6882 |

Flower Hotel

It’s Mongolian-Japanese joint venture. Nice, cozy and clean hotel.

Price: $61 – $173 USD

Facebook | |

Phone: (+976)-11-458330, 458289 | Email:

But I haven’t checked their email and phones yet. It might be better to contact them via Facebook.

Khuvsgul Lake Hotel

You see that tall white building? Yes, that is Khuvsgul Lake Hotel. I haven’t stayed there. But I have heard my friends saying this is a good and luxurious hotel. It’s location is nice. You’ll be staying right beside central square.

Price: $42 USD to $145 USD.

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How to search hotels in Mongolia

Well there are so many hotels and guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. As I can’t review all of them, I’ll show you how to find them yourself.

It’s Mongolia’s leading hotel and tourist camp website. I hope you can search and find the hotels you like from this website.

This internationally famous website has many Mongolian hotel and guesthouse information.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Bon voyage and have a nice journey!

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