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Jagaa: Koreans run prostitution ring in Mongolia

Admin | Published: 2019-11-22

Chairman of Mongolian Republic party is furious about attitude of Korean law enforcement agencies and netizens towards arrest of Mr.Odbayar, chief justice of Mongolian Constitutional court in Incheon, South Korea, over allegation of sexual assault of KAL flight attendance.

Korean police interrogating D.Odbayar

Mr. Jagaa says: I’ve read comments of Korean netizens. They are insulting us; they are insulting we are thief, poor beggars. Is it right thing to call us such? We should protect and support D.Odbayar. Let Odbayar continue his work. Do you know what Koreans are doing in Mongolia? They are defiling Mongolian girls. It isn’t secret. Why, you journalists don’t talk about it openly?

Jargalsaikhan, Chairman of Mongolian Republican party

May be Odbayar touched the flight attendant unwittingly. What’s the big deal? Did he rape her? What happened! I’m protecting Mongolia through Odbayar. If we give up on him, it seems to me that we’re acknowledging insults of Koreans. For this reason, I am supporting him. Why you journalists focus on one or other person’s mistake with magnifying glasses.

P.S. What Mr.Jagaa is saying is not without evidences. For example, recently, on November 2, a citizen of Republic of Korea, Mr. Je Woung, (may be i’m mis-writing his name) a 50 year old male, was arrested in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, for attempting to rape 27 year old Mongolian woman, after having got her drunk. Police are investigating the case now.

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