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Mongolia healed its 9th covid-19 patient

Admin | Published: 2020-04-26

Today D.Sarangerel, Minister for Health of Mongolia announced that 9th covid-19 patient has been healed. “Team of Mongolian Center for Contagious Disease healed another patient. The patient is now shifted to 14 day quarantine procedure. This patient was a student arrived from Russian Federation”.

As of today, Mongolia has registered 38 covid-19 cases so far. 21 of them arrived from Russian Federation.

By now Mongolia has put 743 people under quarantine. Mr.Munkhsaikhan, Chairman of the 1st hospital is speaking: “We have acquired necessary ECMO apparatus and drugs that can last for 3 months”.

D.Nyamkhuu, chairman of Mongolian Center for Contagious Deseases, says: “We’ve carried out 209 tests. And we are currently treating 29 patients. Citizen of France is still being treated. We hope he’ll recover soon”.

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