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Mongolia is carrying out local assembly election

Admin | Published: 2020-10-15

Local representative assembly election started today at 7 A.M local time nationwide, Mongolia. In this election 17,000 candidates are competing for 8000 seats.

N.Bayanduuren, chairman of Election workforce says “16.5 billion tugriks have been budgeted for the local election. Even though some parties send us complaints and doubts about ballot casting equipment we’re 100% confident that equipment used in this election is fully reliable. It’s impossible to hack into these election machines.

People will give their votes at 2148 election points.

Last summer Mongolia carried out its parliamentary election for its 76 parliament seats. Out of these 76 seats Mongolian People’s Party won 62 seats (81%). Democratic party won 11 seats (14.5%). Voluntary candidate 1 seat. “Ta Bidnii Evsel” coalition won 1 seat. And “Zuv Khun – Electorate” coalition won 1 seat.

According to laws, local representative assembly elections are held after the parliamentary election, in the autumn. One of the main hot areas, the parties are competing for is Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. Representatives of the assemblies have major roles and influences to everyday life of Mongolian citizens.

Election results will be announced at midnight.

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