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Mongolian Constitutional court chairman arrested in South Korea over sexual harassment of KAL stewardess

Admin | Published: 2019-11-18

Last few days Mongolian constitutional court chairman has been a topic of sensational news both in Mongolia and South Korea. The reason has been the arrest and release of Mr. D.Odbayar over sexual harassment of Korean Air stewardess during his flight to Incheon, Seoul, South Korea.

Last Friday, (on October 31, 2019), Mr. D.Odbayar, flew to Indonesia to attend international legal conference. On his transit flight to Incheon he and one other gentleman identified as Mr.A have gotten drunk and showed inappropriate behavior towards the flight stewardess, by grabbing her bottoms and trying to embrace her.

Due to this behavior, when the plane landed in Incheon he was arrested immediately. However, as officials of Mongolian embassy to ROK demanded his release, on the basis of his diplomat status, the police of the airport refrained from detaining him and let him go to Indonesia.

After his flight to Indonesia, media of ROK sensationalized the issue and many Korean TVs reported on the incident, demanding for stronger legal stance from police on this issue.

Due to this public pressure, the police of the Incheon summoned Mr.Odbayar to arrive in Incheon on his flight back to Mongolia, for interrogation of the incident, while announcing Mr.Odbayar doesn’t have diplomatic immunity.

Today (November 6, 2019) Mr.Odbayar arrived in Incheon at 9.20 local time. At around 10 AM, the Incheon police started questioning him.

News sources say, he is currently denying sexual harassment allegations. Korean media reports that sentence given for this type of crime is usually around one year jail time or 3 million Korean won fine. Also, Korean media report, diplomatic immunity is relevant to only 3 people in South Korea: President of the country, Prime minister, and Minister of Foreign affairs. Thus excluding chairman of Constitutional court from such immunity.

So far Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs haven’t made any official statement regarding the case, except Mongolian embassy in ROK stating that diplomatic immunity of the suspect should be respected. However netizens of both South Korea and Mongolia are strongly expressing their disapproval of the incident saying relevant punishments should be given.

By the way, this is not the first time Mongolian high level officials gotten into sexual scandals. Currently one member of parliament of Mongolia is waiting for his court meeting regarding his rape allegation case while another member of parliament had been involved in widely reported sexting case.

Mr.D.Odbayar previously worked as a member of parliament of Mongolia in 2004-2012. He also worked as Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs of Mongolia in 2006-2007.

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