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Mongolian Intelligence Agency arrested its ex Foreign Intelligence officer Sh.Amgalan

Admin | Published: 2020-05-4

Today Mongolian media starting to report about arrest of Mr. Sh.Amgalan, ex chair of Foreign Intelligence unit of General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia (GIA).


Yesterday, about 10 officers of GIA carried out special operation against one of its former officer, colonel Sh.Amgalan, and conducted searches in his home. Colonel Sh.Amgalan is a legal professional, who worked in Mongolian General Intelligence over 20 years. He graduated Moscow Felix Dzerzhinsky Federal Security Service Academy during Soviet era. During this time colonel Sh.Amgalan worked at many important posts, including secretary of Mongolian Anti-Terrorism Council.

Mrs. Oyungerel, kidney doctor and a spouse of the arrested colonel, today gave interview to the reporters describing the arrest. “Yesterday we went out for outing and were driving near Emeelt. Then suddenly, out of nowhere three black cars came out and surrounded us. One of them was a black bus, the other two were sedans. Out of them, around 10 people who wore mask came out. My girl was driving a car. They clutched her out from behind the wheel; and picked up my husband, put on a black thing on his head and put him inside the black van. When I asked them, where are you from and what organization, they replied, “You’ll know in time”.

Thus they picked arrested us and drove us to Ulaanbaatar. I felt my blood pressure rising. As we are not young people and were shaken very much, i requested them to go to the nearest hospital to which they denied. Meantime they collected our phones and we had no means to contact outside world. Then they arrived at our home and searched for something, turning my home upside down.”

She described how special operation officers treated them

Suspicion of a spouse

Mrs. Oyungerel claims this arrest is related to a tweet his husband made on Twitter talking about D.Gerel, current director of Mongolian General Intelligence. She says she’s very sad that Mongolia legal organizations are not working in accordance to its principles. She claims “General Gerel fired my husband in 2017 illegally. Since then, my husband is in third year without job and pension. It seemed to us that when he [Gen. Gerel] arrived as a chairman of General Intelligence, he had so much intention to fire my husband for something. We don’t have any business, we live from paycheck to paycheck. If something happens to my husband I’ll demand his life from Gen. Gerel.

Our relatives, who are around 300 people signed a petition for the president of Mongolia, to review this incident and care for well being of my husband. I consider this arrest to be unlawful and personally motivated”.

At this moment Mongolian Intelligence Agency issued no comment regarding the case.

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