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Mongolian intelligence officers involved in illegal spying operation

Admin | Published: 2020-10-15

Oyun-Erdene.L, minister for Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia announced on September 23, 2020 that he’s been illegally spied by Mongolian Intelligence Agency for over a year. He said he referred the matter to court with his complaints.

During the press announcement he said “I’ve been spied for one and half year. In regard to this matter, I’ve submitted my complaint secretly to the Special Investigation Committee of the Parliament. When I started investigation into the 49% shares of the Erdenet Concern, D.Gerel, chairman of the Intelligence Agency sent me various letters of demands. Some of those were illegal demands, demands that I cannot fulfill within legal limits. As far as I know, they (intelligence agency) carried out illegal spying operations against me and some of my inner circle people.”

D.Gerel, ex chairman of Mongolian Intelligence Agency

Yesterday, when met with press reporters, L.Oyun-Erdene stated “Mr.Gerel, please stop meeting with other members of the Parliaments. Please stop trying to influence my decision to solve the issue by court. Please stop buying out presses and stop your press attacks.”

Due to this and other issues Mr.D.Gerel, chairman of Mongolian Intelligence Agency, handed over his post on August 25, 2020. He’s now being investigated along with 11 other intelligence officers involved in this case.

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