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Mongolian police arrested Mongolian Intelligence Agency special agents who tried to rob Russian citizen

Admin | Published: 2020-01-24, Mongolian video news agency reported last night Mongolian police carried out special operation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Col. B.Baatarkhuu, press representative of General Authority of Police of Mongolia, acknowledged there was a special operation last night. He says the case is being reported to the Prosecutor’s office right at this moment.

Some journalists say firearms were used during the arrest. Sources say: the head of special operation of Intelleigence Agency of Mongolia, along with 4-5 cooperatives, tried to rob Russian citizen who were carrying large amount of money. Sources say the Russian citizen was carrying around 250 mln tugriks ($100,000 USD) and $50,000 USD in his body in cash during the robbery.

We’ll update the case as more information is unveiled.

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