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Mongolians stranded in Thailand

Admin | Published: 2020-06-8

The families of 160 Mongolians who are stranded in Thailand have demonstrated today (4 June) outside the National Emergency Management Agency in Ulaanbaatar. They submitted a petition for a repatriation flight to Thailand where MIAT has a direct flight.  The Mongolian National Emergency Commission has planned charter flights to more countries in June as well as two destinations on 25 and 28 June. So far, these destinations have not been announced. Therefore, demonstrators suggested sending a charter flight to Bangkok on 25 or 28 June.

Among the demonstrators, was N.Nyam-Ochir who is a relative of a MMA athlete who participated in World Championships in Thailand. His brother went to Thailand on 15 January to participate in the World MMA Championships. However, the championships were postponed on 25 February for an indefinite period. Before the postponement, the Mongolian athlete had won two fights in the championships. When the bad news broke, he applied to the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok to return home and failed to get answers. Meanwhile, in April, he was kicked out the apartment where he was staying because he was a foreigner.

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