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New Features in WordPress 5.5

Admin | Published: 2020-09-2

WordPress 5.5 was released recently and it is the second major release of 2020. This new release is packed with a lot of improvements, many of them are focused around the WordPress block editor. It also includes some long-awaited features that are making their debut with this release.

Improved Block Editor

Block editor is where we spend most of our time.

It has been regularly maintained and each WordPress release brings improvements to the block editor. WordPress 5.5 brings some significant changes to help you use block editor more efficiently. WordPress 5.5 now comes with an integrated block directory. This means that if you want to add a block that is not available on your site, then you’ll automatically see suggestions from the block directory. Block directory is essentially a collection of WordPress plugins that allow you to add different types of blocks to your site. This does not include block library plugins that come packed with several useful WordPress blocks that you can use right away by installing a single plugin.

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Perhaps the most noticeable thing in WordPress 5.5 is the visual improvements to the block editor. Borders and highlighting are improved to make block editor more accessible.

You now can edit images inside Block Editor

WordPress 5.5 allows users to edit images inside the block editor. You can adjust image height, width, aspect ratio, crop, and rotate without leaving the post editor. Inline image editing will now help new users easily discover these built-in editing options.

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