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Legacy of Cold War: Soviet era bombs found in Mongolia

Admin | Published: 2020-05-4

In response to emergency call from Soum’s police sergeant B.Soronzonbat, on April 29 night, Explosive Search and Destroy team, appointed by Chairman of Mongolian Staff of Armed Forces, deployed to Bayanjargal soum of Tuv aimag, Mongolia.

The emergency team deployed to “Ulaan-Ukhaa”, a place 23 kilometres from Soum center, found “OFAB-250”, “FAB-250” model airplane bombs and 30 mm combat bullets. The team exterminated the found military objects and ensured safety of local people. In order to check the place for more objects, the emergency team of the Ministry of Defense is planning to survey the area surrounding the found objects.

Locals say, in socialist era, a Soviet air unit used to station around this area.

Looking back at Soviet army history in Mongolia

In the twentieth century, Soviet army entered into Mongolian (then People’s Republic of Mongolia) territory four times, respectively in: 1921, 1939, 1945 and 1967. All these military movements were in response to the region’s security and in the name of defense of Mongolia.

By the end of 1960’s North group of People’s Army of China stationed near Mongol-Russian border. This group included 33 steppe division, 11 mechanical division, 9 army, 4300 tanks, and 10 000 artillery. On top of that, 30 civilian infantry divisions have been set up and started training against possible enemy that is Soviet Union. In response to this threat, Far Eastern district of Soviet Union increased preparedness of its Southern Baikal group. In the framework of this action, Soviet Union regrouped its Far Eastern and South Baikal military groups, and transferred troops from Leningrad and Baltic military groups.

In this effort Soviet Union sent one army corps comprised of 2 divisions as its pioneers of 39th army. Construction troops of Soviet Union in Mongolia participated in building of railway road and civilian buildings.

By the beginning of 1970, Soviet Union’s 39th army moved into Mongolia. This army is comprised of 7 sections. Each section had up to 330 tanks, and were deployed near Chinese border.

As progress of that story should take more attention, it’s better to discuss that history in another post. Legacy of Soviet armies in Mongolia is still founding in many places in Mongolia.

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