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What do Chinese people think of Mongolia?

Admin | Published: 2020-08-10

Of course there are many types of views. Here you’ll meet some of them.

I view mongol people as forthright, strong people with a true honest heart. Also We do not think Mongolia is part of China.

I learnt after reading on Internet and many sources that Mongolians really hate China to the guts, and I felt very sad for that. Also, most Chinese do not know this.

As a Chinese who grew up in China, I really like everything related to Mongolian: people, nomad lifestyle, music, MMA/Boxing/Judo/Sumo champions, and a lot of awesome red meat.

I view mongol people as forthright, strong people with a true honest heart. The mongolian history and the nomad culture is fascinating.

Some people say Genghis Khan is the biggest killer, but that is just history. The world today are just the result of a series of historical events. (It’s the ancient times…every civilization kills. We are reading quora today because our ancestors kills other people instead of being killed).

In general, Chinese think Genghis Khan is a great leader, a military genius and he is the one that is blessed by Tengri/God.

In China we have a long history of nomads group and farmers group co-existing on this land, whether in peace or in war. It’s all fine and nowadays we live in modern China with many different ethnicities.

Modern China is shaped by all ethnic groups who live on this land, no matter if you are nomad’s or farmer’s descendent; no matter if you are manchu, mongol, korean, han … etc.

So today we simply consider the nomad people (Huns, Mongol, Turk, Khitan, Altai, …etc) as much cooler people. If I travel to the past by a time machine, I want to be a nomad rider instead of a poor farmer lol.

History is history. In modern days, most educated Chinese think it’s silly to have hate over the fact that we have been fighting each other in history. They simply go “yeah whatever” when people talk about history and hatred stuff, and ignore the conversation.

Today we are more concerned about the increasingly severe desertification in grasslands. In China we have realized it was a huge mistake and the government is trying to cure the land. Some progress has been made, see What We Can Learn From the Greening of China’s Kubuqi Desert

By the way, the Han is a mixed group of people including nomads and farmers to begin with. You can learn that fact through history books or wikipedia lol.

Another one thinks:

I assume you are referring to Outer Mongolia in particular since Inner Mongolia is a part of China and Chinese people take Inner Mongolian as their/our own.

Young people barely have any knowledge about Mongolia, one seldom hears any news about Mongolia in mass media and probably roughly knows Mongolia used to belong to China.

Average people who received a modicum of education would eventually associate Mongolia with Yuan Dynasty and Genghis Khan. Chinese people tend to have a polar view about him, someone may think Genghis Khan as the greatest conqueror in Chinese history, while others hold a grudge about brutal Mongols who killed massive innocent Chinese during the war.

But history is, after all something happened a long time ago.
Mongolia, albeit as one of our neighbor countries, does not interest Chinese at all. What they/we know about Mongolia are just pieces of fragments, some of them may merely be incorrect, such as:

Mongolia is a livestock-based countries, poor and backward.

Mongolia is rich in mining resources which are what China desires most, in order to purchase cheap Copper miner, we are doing business with them.

Mongolia once heavily influenced by Soviet Russia, which leads to abandoning their traditional Mongolian script and embracing Russian style Cyrillic.

Winter in Mongolia is brutal and bloody cold , sandstorm blasted everywhere. Many domestic animals die of frost.

Mongolians are pretty xenophobic, especially they hate Chinese and S.Koreans.

Mongolian government is badly corrupt, bigwigs monopoly almost everything and they live in a lavish life, while the common people generally suffer from poverty.

Mongolian rock music gains a certain extent of popularity amonst some young rockers.

It is no wonder that there are some negative sayings and jokes to mock Mongolia:

蒙古大夫 (Mongolian Doctor) means quack in Chinese.

蒙古海军 (Mongolian Navy) is rampantly used by public to laugh at Mongolia, eg famous Xiangsheng actor Guo Degang has made fun of Mongolian Navy in his 东游记 (Dong You Ji)

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