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Why doesn’t Mongolia take back Inner Mongolia from China?

Admin | Published: 2020-08-10

After reading the answers to this question on the Internet; and especially the comments I’m starting to wonder about everyone’s intent. Each comment to a comment is starting a verbal war of civilizations (of which I’m also guilty) I felt that my own ugly nature creeping up from my soul as I read each negative non-constructive comment. So I’ve decided to leave my own take that will hopefully not offend anyone and actually discuss this question seriously.

I have to assume that the asker of this question simply doesn’t know much about Mongolia (or outer Mongolia if you prefer). It’s definitely simple to answer from a geopolitical perspective: Mongolia is a very weak country within the context of her surroundings, there is mighty China to the South, once mighty Russia (but not to be pushed around with ever), Japan and South Korea to the east, Kazakhstan to the west. All of these surrounding countries have populations in multiples over our mere 3 million folk. In China’s case it’s just too silly to compare.

Economically we are currently doing quite poorly and resource allocation would have it that we honestly cannot afford to have any sizeable military. Surely nowhere within the order of magnitude required to make a dent into China. So militarily there is no way we can take back Inner Mongolia.

Socially I think there maybe a certain part of the inner Mongolia population who may want to rejoin Mongolia because they do still practice our customs and traditions (perhaps they may have even preserved them better us). I can’t comment on whether China will allow such a referendum to take place but I suspect it won’t happen for a long time if ever. Besides the people living in Inner Mongolia have better standards of living than outer Mongolians as a result of being within a larger economy. I don’t think the majority would give up that for a sense of national identity.

So militarily and economically Mongolia doesn’t have the position to retake Inner Mongolia. The only way it will probably happen is if China allows a referendum for Inner Mongolians and also if inner Mongolians themselves want to leave China. This will probably never happen.

I want also make a comment to those who are commenting on the other answers. Please make it a constructive discourse, don’t make it into a battle. This is Internet, not YouTube or Facebook. I don’t appreciate anyone slandering my country in anyway other than genuinely criticizing it in a constructive way. I’m sure you all would expect the same.

If we look at this issue from Historical point of view: Some people claim that:

There never is a chance for that. Independence of Mongolia is not like an independence movement by separatists in China and succeeded. The history is far more complicated than that.

Mongolia was brought into China by China’s conqueror, Genghis Khan and his sons, who set up his capital in current Beijing. China was not the conqueror. Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty inherited the land, until Qing dynasty collapsed and Mongols want to break free. Qing rulers were Manchurian who have very different culture and dressing code. It was extremely oppressive to other ethnic groups (say, every male had to shave his front part of head and keep a pony tail otherwise the man would have his head chopped off. How is this sound like.) that every other ethic groups wanted to break free. Mongols wanted their own independent nation, Han Chinese wanted their country back. When Qing dynasty collapsed in 1911, Mongols seized the opportunity to declare independence.

Meanwhile, Han Chinese established thei own nation called the Republic of China (ROC currently in Taiwan). In 1921 de facto government of Mongolia established but soon became under control of Soviet Union. In 1914, the country became the satellite state of USSR. Only in years between 1989 – 1992 Mongolia broke free from USSR and became truely independent sovereign nation. Through out their fight for independence, there is no opportunity for Mongolians to cherry pick. When it declared its independence, Mongolian themselves were in factions. I don’t have knowledge why the northern part broke out not the southern part, but at that time they definitely don’t have a consensus among themselves. When Mongolia finally gained their true independence, the world was in peaceful state and there is no chance to start a war against China to claim a land.

Some Westerners criticize Mongolia’s ability even harshly:

Three million people who can’t even build a sealed road to the border? How can they put together an army that would intimidate China’s army of two million? Mongolia is quickly becoming a failed state. Russia doesn’t have the troops in the Far East to help them either. Russia and China will agree to divide interests in Mongolia. Actually it’s situation maybe analagous to that of Poland between the Prussians and the Russians.

As for the Dalai Lama’s visit, although it looks reckless, we can’t ignore the great influence of Tibetan culture and religion in Mongolia so perhaps China could have been a bit low key and not brought out the big stick!

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