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Why don’t the inner Mongolians migrate back to their own country Mongolia?

Admin | Published: 2020-08-10

For this question there are many reasons. First, let’s see the issue from Inner Mongolian point of views.

First, Economic reasons.

Actually,inner mongolia is higer than Chinese average level. In 2017,the GNI per capita data of inner mongolia is the 7th nationwide. Commonly,nobody wants to migrate from a rich area to a poor one.

2.Culture reasons. As an inner mongolian,i need to expound the ethnic composition of Inner mongolia.

Han79% Mongol17% Others4%

We are all inner mongolians,but we apparently come from different nations.You may find Han people still the majority ,but it is nothing about the political policy. It comes from the history. Back to Ming Dynasty,businessmen from traditional Han Cultural area such as Shanxi,migrated to this land for setting their new business.With the aim of trading with minority nations and chasing profit,more and more Han familes came there.These stories are also well known as “Zou xi kou”,which means migrating to the west.

For most Inner Mongolians, Mongolia isn’t the homeland. We don’t even have a cultural connection.

For mongols in Inner Mongolia,the russian style mongolian characters which used in Mongolia,weak the cultural influence deeply.Cuz they cannot understand it totally. Some people even think It is kind of tradition betrayal. So,the sense of belonging don’t exist basically.

3.Unique and fantastic life style in Inner Mongolia

In Inner Mongolia,life pace is not so fast but life style is so fantastic!City of Hohhot(provincial capital city),city of Baotou(largest city and industry center)and city of Ordos(economic center) make a golden triangle together. Developed infrastructure,modern lifestyle based on mobile payment,extraordinary culture experience all make inner mongolia a convenient palce to live.

4.Yummy food!!!(With so much of proud)

I do believe that nobody want to migrate to a “food desert”.(lol)

Ok,i just want to say there are so much delicious food in Inner Mongolia.Mixed with Han culture,Mongolia culture and Muslims culture,Inner Mongolia is famous for it’s multiple food culture.Everybody here can find the cuisine that you shouldnot miss!

All in all, welcome to Inner Mongolia!

Meanwhile some Mongolians think:

This question is based on false assumption that Inner mongols and all the other ethnic Mongols in China are the ‘guests’ , in fact its the opposite, Hans are the newcomers. Therefore its absurd to suggest them go ‘back’ when they’re actually at home.

But to wholly ignoring the above, there is definitely some sentiment among some inner mongols (at least some I met) curiosity to visit and possibly settle there. Im sure there are many cases but recently there was one case that was featured into famous mongolian tv show.

But it really depends on how Mongolia will do near future.I would say culturally Mongolia is far more superior than Inner Monoglia as all of the cultural products from Mongolia: from pop culture to music and other subcultures are getting popularized throughout mongol world within China without any form of cultural policy from Mongolian side, even the current Khalkha dialect of Mongolia is becoming standard form of Mongolian in all of Inner Mongolia which can be seen from Inner Mongolian television. If economically Mongolia progresses I think it will definitelty attracrt mongols abroad just being only Mongol state in Mongol speaking world.

And other Mongolians are irritated by such questions as following:

Yeah why don’t whites go back to their Europe why don’t Russians in eastern part of the republic go back to their original west ,why don’t Han chinese in Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia go back to their Mainland? Matter of fact why all of us entirety of HUMAN race go back to our origin point (Africa).

Such an absurd and stupid question that I find it almost offensive and historically inner Mongolia always is inhabited by Mongolians.

We are HUMANS we IMMIGRATE and we are MOST INVASIVE species on the whole planet, we IMMIGRATE that’s we do.

And no that much population increase in such short time will not do good to any of us our pitiful infrastructure and economy can’t handle sudden influx of that many people.

And some Chinese people think:

Don’t know what you mean by “their own country”.

Inner Mongolia is the “own country” of inner Mongolians. They are descent from different tribes from outer Mongolians. The idea that inner Mongolians would identify the outer as their motherland, simply because they are all called “Mongolians” is absurd. Do you know they use different characters to spell their language (Mongolian characters in the inner, Russian characters in the outer)?

Besides, it seems that you believe Inner Mongolians is “owned” by a country of Mongolians, which is…you know, why don’t all white Americans go back to Europe to make Europe great again? Why would they do it anyway?

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